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A word from Abbey

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One day you won’t be young, and the climb will seem much harder. One day you will be weaker, and the trip won’t be worth making. One day you may be blind, and the view really won’t matter. One day you might not walk, and the earth is still untraveled.

As far as you know, that one day may be the next day.

Appreciate today. Make it count.

Don’t regret.

A word from Moriah

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Don’t let anyone tell you what is or is not fun. If you like skydiving that’s great. If you like curling up with a blanket and a book, that’s great too. You do you.

Be willing for plans to change. Embrace it. Laugh about it. Don’t freak out about it. Some of the best memories are made when things go unbelievably wrong.

Don’t put people in a box, let them be different too, and show people the same grace you would like shown to yourself.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. We’re all stupid.We’re all awkward. It’s fine. Laugh about it; it saves time.

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Do you need hiking boots? Here are my favorites, this one for MEN and this one for WOMEN

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