The AGE Review


Noah and I went to see the total eclipse in South Carolina on August 21st of 2017. It happened at about 2:45 in the afternoon and lasted for two minutes. We got up at an insanely early time in order to drive down to South Carolina in time to find an acceptable place to view the eclipse. We ended up arriving early (which is never a bad thing) and driving through tons… Read More

Falling Spring Falls, Falling Spring, VA 24445   This is one of the single most beautiful landscapes that I have ever seen to date. I don’t know how to describe it without using dramatic terms such as fairyland or heavenly, so I won’t even bother. The truth of the matter is, Falling Springs Falls is such an elegant display of nature that it almost doesn’t make sense that I’ve touched it. Thomas Jefferson is known to… Read More

Great Falls National Park- 9200 Old Dominion Drive, McLean, VA 22102 Abbey here. I grew up going to Great Falls. I remember scrambling across bare rocks with my dad and siblings while white Potomac River water crashed nearby, occasionally picturing the catastrophe that would occur should one of us fall in, though never bothering to shy from exploring the sunbathed rocks anyway. There’s not much hiking involved at this park unless you’re determined… Read More