The AGE Review


Cold Mountain, Appalachian Trail, Vesuvius, VA 24483 Distance:                                                              6-mile loop (approximately 2 miles to summit) Elevation:                                               4020 feet (approximately 1500… Read More

Sharp Top, Peaks, VA 24523 Distance:                                                                                             1.5 miles (3 miles round trip) Elevation:                             … Read More

McAfee’s Knob, Catawba, VA 24175 Distance:                                                  4.4 (or 3.9) miles to the summit (8-9 miles round trip) Elevation:                                               3197 feet (approximately 1700 elevation change hike) Difficulty: … Read More

Sulphur Spring Trail, Natural Bridge Station, VA 24579 Distance:                                                                                 2.8 miles to summit (5.7 roundtrip) Elevation:                                   … Read More

Great Falls National Park- 9200 Old Dominion Drive, McLean, VA 22102 Abbey here. I grew up going to Great Falls. I remember scrambling across bare rocks with my dad and siblings while white Potomac River water crashed nearby, occasionally picturing the catastrophe that would occur should one of us fall in, though never bothering to shy from exploring the sunbathed rocks anyway. There’s not much hiking involved at this park unless you’re determined… Read More