The AGE Review


Where to begin? Yes, it’s cold. Yes, there’s ice. Yes, they speak English (as well as Icelandic). Yes, some of the natives probably believe in trolls (I might, too, if I grew up there. You’ll have to go to understand why). Iceland is a volcanic island rich with waterfalls, caves, sheep, and fish jerky. They drive on the right side of the road, don’t really care about customer service, and close the roads… Read More

Once, I said I’d write a follow up on Sharp Top Mountain featuring Buzzard’s Roost. I don’t really know why I didn’t just include Buzzard’s Roost into the Sharp Top Mountain post because it’s not like they’re two separate hikes. Or that Buzzards Roost is even a hike… But this is me following up.   Instructions for Buzzard’s Roost is very simple. Begin hoking Sharp Top At the top of the mountain, turn… Read More

Appalachian Trail, Catawba, VA 24070 Distance:                                                                           5-mile round trip (2.4 miles to summit) Elevation:                                             … Read More

Devils Marbleyard, Natural Bridge, VA 24579 Distance:                                                                            2.3ish miles to summit (4.5 round trip) Elevation:                                         … Read More

“Happiness is a choice, not an achievement.”  Ralph Marston Noah and I set off for a sunset hike to Humpback Rocks the other day. It’s supposedly not that long of a hike (only 2 miles round trip), and since we tend to have poor luck with sunrise hikes, a sunset one seemed reasonable enough to attempt. We were looking forward to nice weather, smooth hiking, an incredible view, and some enoing up… Read More