The AGE Review


This is Abbey, and here’s my opinion: There’s no real reason to have friends if they don’t add something to your life–in a way that grows them, grows you, or grows you both. One of the things that stood out to me about Noah when I first met him and that encouraged me to be this guy’s friend was his willingness to make use of every. last. dam. minute (pun intended, cuz… Read More

Stay tuned for an up and coming guest post by the one and only Abby Arend! We’ve swapped our pros and cons lists and hers will be featured here in a couple of weeks! Meanwhile, check out Abbey’s list over at (Don’t forget to give @arendabby a follow on Instagram for some awesome travel pictures!

“Happiness is a choice, not an achievement.”  Ralph Marston Noah and I set off for a sunset hike to Humpback Rocks the other day. It’s supposedly not that long of a hike (only 2 miles round trip), and since we tend to have poor luck with sunrise hikes, a sunset one seemed reasonable enough to attempt. We were looking forward to nice weather, smooth hiking, an incredible view, and some enoing up… Read More

It’s Abbey again, and I had a friend recently tell me that they had never watched the sun set. It was on their to-do list, obviously, they’d just never gotten around to it. It was like I plan to visit all of the 50 States. Well, they plan to see the sunset. Comparable lists, right? Hardly. I grew up in a household where my dad would yell, “Sunset alert!” every night when the… Read More