What is this?

I’m Abbey.

And I suck at bios.

The thing you may as well know about me is that I do care about a lot of things but also not about a lot of things; I can’t make myself care about things I don’t care about and I also can’t stop caring about what I do care about (understand? Me neither). I care about my family, I care about my friends, and I care about learning from the events in life alongside the people with me. I care about travel, I care about growth, I care about maintaining and strengthening my relationship with that guy people struggle to represent accurately: Jesus.

20160831_124347Beyond that, I love trying new things, especially when it’s what other people hesitate to try. I love writing, art, and discovering both the known and the unknown–as well as inviting others to do the same with me. I love laughing–at people, but also with them–and I always have the extra patience for some quick wit.

I also really like avocado, miniature donkeys, fitness, peppermint patties, succulents, taking pictures, and the pleasant combination of an optimistic/realistic view of life.

I think you should do what you said you’d do, have a passport, work hard, reach goals, laugh, keep friends, avoid drama, and remember that you’re making memories. Don’t waste your opportunity to live.

One day you won’t be young, and the climb will seem much harder. One day you will be weaker, and the trip won’t be worth making. One day you may be blind, and the view really won’t matter. One day you might not walk, and the earth is still untraveled.

As far as you know, that one day may be the next day.

Appreciate today. Make it count.

Don’t regret.

Peace out ✌️




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