Sharp Top, Peaks VA (pt. 2)

Once, I said I’d write a follow up on Sharp Top Mountain featuring Buzzard’s Roost. I don’t really know why I didn’t just include Buzzard’s Roost into the Sharp Top Mountain post because it’s not like they’re two separate hikes. Or that Buzzards Roost is even a hike…

But this is me following up.



Instructions for Buzzard’s Roost is very simple.

  1. Begin hoking Sharp Top
  2. At the top of the mountain, turn right (towards Buzzard’s Roost instead of Sharp Top)
  3. Walk 600 feet
  4. Climb to the top of Buzzards Roost

That’s about it!

Sharp Top is incredibly impressive, so I suppose I understand why people would skip Buzzard’s Roost (they’re going to another cool place, duh), but I wouldn’t skip it. To me, it’s two really lovely views for the price of one upward climb. Why would you skip it?

Beware of the wind and don’t climb to the top if you don’t know how to climb rocks. But don’t skip it. Walking 600 feet really isn’t all that far.

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