Mount Airy (Mayberry and Andy Griffith)


Once upon a time, Moriah and I took a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina. Moriah wrote about it last week. We were bored and I had a weekend free, so I told her to get out of her work and take a trip with me (she did it, of course).

Charlotte was one of the many kinda-cool cities within a 4-hour drive (I didn’t feel like driving much more than that for just a couple days), so that’s how we chose it as our ultimate destination. Since we had two days and the drive was relatively short, I searched up a couple other things we could possibly do during the trip since Charlotte didn’t seem large enough to require the entire time.

One of the things I looked up as an option was Pilot Mountain, which I wrote about already and ended up being one of my favorite views because of the massive distance you can see.

The other thing I found was Mount Airy–or, Mayberry, if you want.

If you’ve never seen the Andy Griffith Show, then you’ll probably not care at all to go to this small little nothing town. The only reason I’ve seen the show is that this was the TV I watched when I was a kid–not that I’m that old (though maybe I am, you don’t know), but disks and DVDs were the go-to for entertainment when you don’t have cable.

It’s not my favorite show, or even my favorite black and white, old TV show, but it is fairly nostalgic, I suppose. Lots of memories involved.

I always enjoyed the show, and so I enjoyed Mayberry–er, Mount Airy. It was a rainy old day, so not the nicest to explore, but we did find a sock shop, take some cool pictures, and talk to a couple of the natives who were probably die-hard Andy Griffith fans (maybe not, but if you live there, you may as well be).

I’m not sure what all to tell you, other than that you have to pay to get a tour of the jail and it was closed when we went, there’s a post office that has an abandoned upper-floor and we explored it, and the pancakes aren’t really good at all but it is cool to eat where Andy Griffith did.

Definitely a cool little down, but once-going is enough-going.

Off to our next adventure!

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