Walks Along the James (Frozen Edition)

This is Abbey, and here’s my opinion: There’s no real reason to have friends if they don’t add something to your life–in a way that grows them, grows you, or grows you both. One of the things that stood out to me about Noah when I first met him and that encouraged me to be this guy’s friend was his willingness to make use of every. last. dam. minute (pun intended, cuz there’s a dam here, guys).

“Only five minutes” in my vocabulary is “Five whole minutes” in Noah’s. Time is relative, edging on irrelevant. Experience triumphs. Life is long but the room we have to actually enjoy it is short.

While that does mean you’re late sometimes and maybe fall more than fly, at least you went, you saw, and you lived. Life is fuller his way.

I may or may not have been late going back to work after this frozen lunch-break escapade…but what does that matter now? Live your life and live it well. Stop being afraid of time.

(Spoiler alert: I’m marrying him tomorrow, so I guess it’s good that I like him.)

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