Falling Springs Falls, Falling Springs VA


Falling Spring Falls, Falling Spring, VA 24445

This is one of the single most beautiful landscapes that I have ever seen to date. I don’t know how to describe it without using dramatic terms such as fairyland or heavenly, so I won’t even bother. The truth of the matter is, Falling Springs Falls is such an elegant display of nature that it almost doesn’t make sense that I’ve touched it. Thomas Jefferson is known to have described it as a “remarkable cascade.”

Noah and I went for his birthday last year. It was the first birthday experience between the two of us since we’d started dating, and because he had a habit of out-doing dates (or at least of giving me things/doing things for me that were outrageously personal and touching) I knew I had to do something epic. I spent weeks before his birthday thinking and researching, filing through cool cities, nifty restaurants, or unexplored hiking trails, but it wasn’t until mere days before That Day that I came across descriptions of Falling Springs Falls. 

That was it.

My search was complete.

I researched the area a little more, came up with some things to do if the waterfall wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, bought some random fruits that Noah had never eaten before (and some that he had), and packed them up for an easy lunch. In the morning, we set off–and I didn’t tell him where we were going.

For a bit of description, Falling Springs Falls is an 80 foot waterfall located in Alleghhany County, approximately five miles north of Covington Virginia. Streams twine the earth at the top of the falls, forming lovely scenes and pools with clear and randomly blue water. At the bottom, more pools form and a river, with caves for exploring and water to play in. It’s simply magical (and I’m not exaggerating).

Warning: While it was not always restricted, Falling Springs Falls is now a prohibited area with signs posted, warning visitors where they can and cannot cross. Those who do cross into prohibited property are now subject to fines and proceed at their own risk. This constraint–while maddening–is meant to conserve the falls and keep it from being destroyed or at all harmed. There is a parking lot and picnic area at the top of the falls so visitors can observe without trespassing. As one of the tallest falls in Virginia, it cascades from an overhanging ledge that is easily visible from the roadway.


As you can easily see, Noah and I didn’t keep to the picnic area by the road when we went, but rather  thoroughly explored the falls, pools, and streams. In the end, we got some extremely epic pictures and Noah admitted to having the best birthday of his life.

Falling Springs Falls is a little piece of heaven in our overly earthly world. I think it will stay on my Top 10 Favorites list for a long time.

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