Meet Moriah


I’m an avid traveler, when my bank account allows it. You can always tell if I made it on a trip based on the presence or lack thereof of coffee shop pics. I have no sense of direction, so my contribution to our adventures is often to get us thoroughly lost (I may or may not have recently learned that the White House is not in Washington State. I’ve also been known to tell the driver to go the wrong way down a one way street).

DSC_0511I run on coffee and sarcasm.

I hate water and small spaces, but I love busting comfort zones so you may – in time- see some progress there. You also may not.

I love hiking, mountains, music, writing, fall leaves (especially in New England), and New England in general. I love people a lot and I love meeting people who are different.

While it occasionally requires me to convince myself a bit, I like to think I’m willing to try any new thing at least once.

Bucket list includes a trip to Devil’s Bathtub, hot air ballooning, skydiving, opening my own coffee shop(s), destroying cilantro, learning to like avocados, seeing a show (or 12) on Broadway, playing my guitar on a crowded square with an open guitar case on the ground in front of me, visiting Italy, and trying alligator meat.

My two cents:

  • Don’t let anyone tell you what is or is not fun. If you like skydiving that’s great. If you like curling up with a blanket and a book, that’s great too. You do you.
  • Be willing for plans to change. Embrace it. Laugh about it. Don’t freak out about it. Some of the best memories are made when things go unbelievably wrong.
  • Don’t put people in a box, let them be different too, and show people the same grace you would like shown to yourself.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. We’re all stupid.We’re all awkward. It’s fine. Laugh about it; it saves time.

Meet Abbey here.



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